What is Pixtream?

Pixtream live! is "broadcasting" digital pictures
(JPG, 640x480, 30 KB, Copyleft) via MMS (Multi Media
Message) from action, events, protests, happenings,
talks, concerts, performances, conferences, journeys,
moments, ...
A Product
of Consumerism by n0name

How can u get the Pixtream?


2 receive the Pixtream@___ (Location/Theme in Akronym)
please subscribe the Pixtream Mailinglist. Send E-Mail
to: pixtream-subscribe(at)


When u're subscribed, u'll get 1 e-mail with the
subject: Please confirm your request to join
pixtream. U can do it with a simple "Reply".


U will get 1 E-Mailflyer with infos about the next
Picture Stream (time, date) or an e-mail with an
attachment (picture) with the announcement of the
next stream.


Please check! ur mailbox. U will directly get the
newest Pixtream live! as an MMS with this message in
the body of the mail:

This is Pixtream live! Picture Broadcasting

or something like:

Sie haben eine T-D1 MMS erhalten.
Öffnen Sie die angehängte Datei und schon wissen Sie,
wer an Sie denkt...

This is Pixtream live! Picture Broadcasting

Content-Type: image/jpegContent-Location: Pixtream-


Please open the attachment, normally 1 single
attached foto with a filename like "T-D1 MMS.jpg".
Please check! ur mailbox and repeat step 4.-5.
U will receive more fotos during the Pixtream. When
it ends Pixtream sends u one last attachment/foto
declared as "END" or "Ende".


Good bye!

FAQ: [n0name with a 0 (in words
Subscribe: pixtream-subscribe(at)
Unsubscribe: pixtream-unsubscribe(at)
List owner: (Pixtream
c/o n0name)


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Copyleft (c) 2002-2003 Pixtream

|_| Pixtream live!

live! from Ripsale* @
a Birthday Party in Luebeck, Germany
Sa., 02.10.2004, ca. 21 h.
Mini-FM Transmission 95.5 MHz (local)
Sale on eBay, Suchbegriff/search keyword "Ripsale"
Audio Livestream via GPRS: (MP3)
*Rip, Mix & Burn + Point of Sale (Ripsale)
mi_ga (lt/de), various euro (de), Matze Schmidt (de) + friends
(7, JPG, 640x480, á ~ 30 KB, Copyleft)
Copyright (c) 2004


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