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Horst Bredekamp + Jay David Bolter: "Das Universum verhaelt sich wie ein Programm, bis es abstuerzt oder wild wird [...]." Die totale universelle Projektionsflaeche des Computers ...

Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 21:02:07 +0200
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i did not see The Matrix Reloaded til now (i would even state: "Don't
enter the AOL Time Warner Matrix!" but this is nothing but a polit joke,
because of the real phantasma, that AOL Time Warner 'is' a kind of matrix ... but just
as long as 'we' made it to be one).

One short extension: McLuhan's sentence "the content of the new
medium is an old medium" read by some writers of history of media does not
mean that old media-forms can or can not adopt new styles. It means: only
new media (as machines !) can simulate the old. And the very newest
machine which can do that is (surprise surprise) the computer - the
universal machine which can simulate all old media and (thi is the
point!) all new and thinkable machines too. which marks just not a new
"dressing" but a caesura/a break in history of machines and media and
maybe more ... like cosmic metaphysics. think that changes everything,
even the messiah-like message that we (the hackers of the future) can
change the world if we only want to.



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ns> Beyond that, The Matrix Reloaded is all about surface. I like the video
ns> game analogy. As to McLuhan's "the content of the 'new medium is an old
ns> medium,"

ns> but
ns> in the end, it is still the same basic idea of being... hence the new medium
ns> is really an old medium, only with better dressing, this time we have video
ns> game language disguised as a film.

... wird von Bredekamp mit einer "Unzahl von Moeglichkeiten"* bestimmt (wie sie in TV-Serien wie "Die Zukunft ist wild"** vorgefuert wird, in der evolutionsbiologisch eine Vergangenheit und eine Zukunft der Erde in 100 Millione Jahren illusions-technisch prognostiziert wird) welche die getrennten Wissenschaftsfelder Natur und Kunsttechnologie zu einer Einheit zurueckfuehre.
* Horst Bredekamp. _Antikensehnsucht und Maschinenglauben_. Berlin: Wagenbach, 1993. S. 100-101 .
** arte. "Die Zukunft ist wild". TV-Serie. 2002/2003.

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